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A Few Cooler Funded Projects

All of Cooler’s renewable energy and pollution prevention projects (also known as carbon offsets) have been unanimously approved by our Technical Advisory Committee (or TAC), composed of Environmental Defense, the Gold Standard, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the National Wildlife Federation, and others.

Cooler and our environmental partners are committed to the highest quality projects that help reduce global warming pollution and combat climate change, and they must all meet the high standards set forth by the TAC.  At a minimum, these projects must go beyond business as usual, represent real reductions in emissions of carbon dioxide, be verified by third parties, and have a net positive impact both environmentally and socially. Cooler is committed to finding projects that not only meet these criteria, but also create jobs and improve life for low-income communities at home and abroad.

And whether it’s revitalizing America’s farm communities or protecting Indian families from indoor air pollution, all of Cooler’s investments must also contribute to building strong communities.

Holsum Dairy Converts Methane to Electricity
Cooler funds methane emissions reductions at Holsum Dairy. In terms of its contribution to global warming, methane is a greenhouse gas 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide. The captured methane is converted to renewable energy that is used on the farm, replacing purchased power. The project also reduces odor, disease, flies, and the possibility of animal waste entering the water table.

Holsum is the only dairy in Wisconsin to have earned a Green Tier designation for their advanced waste management practices. Ken Buleau, the farm’s owner/manager believes that good environmental practice is great business.  On top of converting methane to electricity, Holsum has reinvigorated the local economy.  70% of their feed comes from farms within five miles of their location, and the only trucks leaving the farm are those carrying milk.  The nutrient-rich waste, once stripped of its global warming pollution, is pumped back to fields within a three mile radius of the farm

Native Energy Landfill Gas Creates Energy
Cooler funds emission reductions from the Des Plaines Landfill, located in Cook County, Illinois, about 30 minutes northwest of downtown Chicago. Its use as a privately operated landfill began in the early 1960’s, and it ceased accepting waste by 1986. This project, which began operation in 2004, captures methane over and above a wide range of pollution prevention measures adopted to close the site safely.  Cooler purchases certified emissions reductions through Native Energy, one of the U.S. premier carbon offset providers.

Gold Standard Projects
Cooler invests a significant fraction of our revenue in Gold Standard projects. The Gold Standard is a certification scheme that recognizes the best projects in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Joint Implementation (JI) and voluntary offset markets. Endorsed by over 44 non governmental organizations around the world, The Gold Standard is just that – the world’s highest quality source of carbon offsets.

Clean, Green, and 3rd Party Verified.
In addition to the TAC’s review, all of Cooler’s investments are verified by third parties who ensure that the emissions are truly reduced and appropriately accounted for to ensure real impact. For more information on Cooler’s offsets contact us.


Holsum Dairy
Cooler funds methane emissions reductions at Holsum Dairy.